MonthItems Being Collected
January Packaged Bar Soap, Washcloths, Lip Balm/Chapstick
February Toothbrush, Toothbrush Travel Holder, Band-Aids (colorful or designs welcome)
March Girl's Items -- Suggestions: Hair Brush/Comb, Travel Mirror (compact type), Socks, Colorful bandanas, Hair bands, ponytail bands, scrunchies, barrettes, Small ball, Small craft items, Jump rope, Small piece of jewelry, Small stuffed doll
April Boy's Items -- Suggestions: Brushes/Combs, Matchbox Cars, Socks, Sporks (spoon/fork combo), Small Tool sets, Ball w/pump, Flashlight w/batteries, Dominoes, Deck of cards, Yo-Yos, Small Puzzles
May Catch-Up Items (where we're still short on supply) -- Suggestions: Lip balm/Chapstick, Toothbrush holders, Combs/Brushes for girls and boys, Socks for girls and boys, Small Stuffed Animals, Craft items and non-breakable jewelry items for girls, Small non-breakable toys and games for boys and girls
June Activity &/or Coloring Books, Small Reading Books, Crayons, and Colored Pencils
July Pens, Pencils, Erasers (preferably the large pink type), and Pencil Sharpener
August 6-inch Rulers, Solar Calculators, Glue Sticks, and Small Pads of Paper (4x6 inch or less)
September Nylon cinch bags (large enough to hold several items; these can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Amazon, etc); hats, bandanas, sunglasses, T-shirts (all sizes 2-18), and Play-Doh
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