Mission statement: Matthew 28: 18-19
18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…

As a community of believers, we need leaders that have faith. This scholarship is for leaders called by our Lord to help make disciples, to go to all people and all nations to lead others to Christ.

Hunton Baptist Church has established a scholarship fund to be awarded to qualifying full-time undergraduate and graduate student(s) each year. The value of each scholarship will vary according to the number of qualified applicants who are pursuing Christian studies.


  • Student must be an active church member of Hunton Baptist Church.
  • Academic achievement requirement must be 2.8 or higher GPA at time of application.
  • Scholarships are for students enrolled in full time undergraduate or graduate studies pursuing one of the following: Ministry, Seminary, Music, Technology/Sound, Literature, Missions, Teaching, Counseling, other Church-related Occupational careers.
  • No age limit.

Application Process

  1. Applications will become available by November 15th of each year, for the next year of application. Applications may be picked up at the church office or may be acquired from the church website.
  2. Completed applications, current school transcripts, and letters of recommendation can be submitted electronically on the church website or delivered to the Church office by March 15th for the Scholarship Committee review. Confirm with the finance assistant, at the Church, to assure your application has been received. Applications should be typed, but they will also be accepted if handwritten. Additional paper may be used if more room is needed for any responses. It's most important that your responses are detailed and complete to help the Scholarship Committee better know you. Any questions should be directed to the Scholarship Committee members who are currently serving.
  3. After reviewing all the applications, the Scholarship Committee will contact all applicants by mail. The scholarship recipients will be invited to a presentation of their award during a worship service to be held by May 15th, and recipients are expected to attend this presentation. If unable to attend for any reason, the student(s) must contact the Scholarship Committee prior to the awards service. Funds will be sent to the school in July, however the student(s) receiving the scholarships must provide the school account number and disbursement information by July 1 for checks to be processed.
  4. This application is for one academic school year, however, a student may reapply in the following years if qualifications are met. Students may only receive a total of four scholarships. Award of scholarship will be capped at no more than three students per year.

Download PDF Application: Scholarship Application

Submit Completed Application (and Other Documents): Submit Documents

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