In the early 1900's, the people in the community of Taylor's Crossing (today's Hunton) worshipped God in various nearby churches (Glen Allen, Winns, Greenwood, and others).  A deep concern arose that some in the community were unable to get to a church (due to the distance), and children were growing up without the influence of Sunday School, so community members began discussions about establishing a church in Taylor's Crossing.

The first step toward building a Baptist church was a meeting in the home of Mr. J. O. Vass in August 1915, followed by a meeting in the home of Miss Mary Farish to organize a Baptist Aid Society.   The purpose of the Baptist Aid Society was to assist with organizing a Sunday School and raising funds for a church building.  The ladies of the Society embarked on several fundraising activities including selling salt, candy, envelopes, and holding dinners and lawn parties.  Land was donated by Dr. J. H. Winfrey, and building began in October 1915.

The first Sunday School was officially organized on May 28, 1916 with 48 members.  Even though the building was only partially completed, six classes began meeting every Sunday afternoon.  By October of that year, the building was completed at a cost of $1,500.  Taylor's Baptist Church 1917 A year later, on December 23, 1917, the Taylors Baptist Church was organized with 25 charter members, and included a "Declaration of Faith" and "Constitution and By-Laws."  By January of 1918, deacons were elected and finance and pulpit committees formed.  Shortly thereafter, the first part-time pastor was called to preach two Sundays a month (the pastor was shared with Winns Baptist).

By 1920, a B.Y.P.U. group (Baptist Young People's Union) had been established to teach the teens about missions, hold Bible studies, and involve them in the life of the church.  During this time, the church held several revivals for the community and partnered with other area churches to reach those in the area that were not attending any church. 

In 1930, the church name changed to Hunton Baptist Church.  The name change came about when RF&P renamed the passenger stop at the intersection of Mill Road and Old Washington Highway from "Taylor's Crossing" to "Hunton", to avoid confusion with another passenger stop known as "Taylorsville."  RF&P chose the name "Hunton" to honor Eppa Hunton, Jr., who was serving as the president of RF&P.

In the summer of 1938, Hunton started its own Vacation Bible School, which is a summer tradition that continues to this day.  Also, a church softball team was started to provide the young people with active recreation under "wholesome influences", and our church softball teams have continued throughout the years.  The church continued in a shared pastorate arrangement (sharing with Winns, Mt. Olivet, and Elon) until 1951 when Rev. Lonnie R. Brock came to Hunton as the first full-time pastor. It was also in the year 1951 that women were elected to serve as deacons.

Hunton Baptist in 1960's
Through the years, the church continued to grow and be active in the community.   Several missions groups were organized (Women's Missionary Union, Royal Ambassadors, Girls in Action, a men's Brotherhood); several committees were formed to handle church business and events; the church was active in supporting the Dover Baptist Association; and an Education Building was constructed in 1960 to provide more classroom space
During the 1970's, the church transferred ownership of the "ball diamond" property to the new Hunton Civic & Recreation Association; this property was later transferred to Henrico County in 2008.



By September 1980, the church voted to proceed with plans to build a new sanctuary.  This planning work turned out to be a blessing because on December 17, 1980, the original wood frame church tragically burned to the ground.Hunton church fire 1980  In a news article, Rev. Roger Collier was quoted saying, "When a building burns, it doesn't mean the church is destroyed."

The time already spent in long-range planning allowed ground to be broken for a new sanctuary in March 1981, right on schedule.  The new building was dedicated in April 1982, with the church holding services in the interim at the Hunton Civic building across the street.  A new fellowship hall was added in 2001.

Hunton sanctuary and fellowship hall 2005
The church celebrated 100 years in 2016 with a special lighthouse-themed Centennial Celebration.  The celebration motto was "Walking in His Light for 100 Years"; a testament to being that "lighthouse" on the corner of Greenwood and Old Washington, where all are welcome.

There are many member families at Hunton today that are descended from the original charter members of the church formed in 1916.  Many traditions and services that began in the early days of the church have continued to the present, but there have been many new activities and service changes added along the way.  A constant in Hunton's history has been its loving, friendly people, their care of those in need, and their devotion to God and to His church.  We strive daily to fulfill our vision -- "Knowing Christ and Making Him Known."


Hunton Baptist Church
11660 Greenwood Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059
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Sunday Mornings
Worship -- 10:15 AM
Sunday School -- 9:00 AM